#Google moves quickly to plug security flaws on the #GoogleWallet

image The revolution is in danger of being hijacked by the unscrupulous but Google assures us otherwise. Last week, Google's much heralded mobile payment, the Google Wallet suffered from a major security scare. Online activist/hacker detailed just how easy it was for user information on Google Wallet to be compromised. This set off all sorts of alarms as Google has been pushing hard to make their form of mobile payments which uses NFC technology to be a viable alternative to cash. Last week however, the search engine giant is pushing back. Reported in ChannelNewsAsia, Google has taken steps to plug the alleged security loophole in their system.

Google released a statement stressing that this flaw can only be exploited if the would be intruders was able to get physical hold of the mobile phones. Thus, Google advises everyone to enable screen locks and a full-disk encryption. In addition to them plugging the security flaw, Google has also enabled their mobile payments function again. Google disabled the function for a short while in response to the revelation that their mobile payment system was hack-able. Google Wallet is available only on Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus smartphones, I am certainly looking forward to it being available to more Android phones soon!

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