Using #RFID in the fight against forest fires

image It is clear that the RFID has now been found to have numerous applications outside that of logistics. From controlling urban traffic to tracking merchandise movement to increase profitability, RFID has seen its usefulness being proven time and time again. This time RFID is being used to as an early warning system against uncontrolled forest fires in China. Seen in RFID Journal, Insight Robotics, is developing a system which is able to detect temperature changes in a forest via wireless data.

The system is currently being tested out at the Qingyuan forest which sees on average one forest fire per year. They installed sensors across a 24 square kilometre of forest. The sensors are spaced at about 1km apart with the furthest distance between sensors being 5km. Each sensor is designed to measure temperatures, humidity and other relevant variables which are cross checked against each other to test for the probability of a fire. With this, the sensor is then able to pinpoint the location of the fire up to an accuracy of 5m and more important alert a central system of the fire. The system is still very much in testing as there are several teething issues with regards to the power supply.

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