#Microsoft files patent for #NFC technology


Technology giant Microsoft has the technology which enables mobile payments via near field communication (NFC). This is not some bold prediction based on "up the stream" speculation, but from paperwork released by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. Tom's Guide recently revealed that the U.S Patent office released patent filings from the month of September last year which shows Microsoft filing for a “method that facilitates securing a wireless digital transaction”. What this means in plain English is that Microsoft has figured a way to incorporate mobile transaction via the existing technology of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID or the up and coming NFC.

In the filing, it is also revealed that Microsoft has out into consideration the security of the devices by ensuring that it complies with current industry security regulations set by the Trusted Computing Group. Another security feature noted in the filing was that the future device would only be engaged with one device at a time.

What it does not say however is when Microsoft plans to include this technology in its product line. As they actively push their partnership with Nokia, it is clear that they need to at the very least keep up with the industry movements. With the Apple rumour factory generating intense rumours that the next device will incorporate NFC, Microsoft will need to do well to keep up.

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