#RFID tracking used on newborns


#RFID tracking used on newborns


The Basque National Health System has launched a neonatal security system designed to monitor and protect new-born infants using RFID technology. As reported on RFIDNews.org

When a pregnant woman is admitted to hospital, she is provided a tag with a unique identification which can be read in all the maternity zones. When the baby is born, an RFID tag specially designed for the new born is fitted to its ankle. The device monitors the infant 24 hours a day, detecting unauthorized movements, registering entries and exits to and from and enabling immediate location information.

The solution is based on Saident RFID identity tags and readers that control the maternity area, as well as middleware software that integrates with the computerized system devised by Ibermática, which gathers the data with which health personnel can interact in order to check patient information. Read full article here >

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