#RFID #tags to be use to monitor delivery of essential services in #Thiruvananthapuram

imageIn the Kerala, a state on the south western tip of the Indian peninsula, one of its cities is looking to install hundred of RFID tags to household in the area. Seen in Kerala IT News, The Thiruvananthapuram Corporation is looking to install RFID tags on all households under their purview so as to better serve the area of responsibility. The purpose of the corporation is to serve the households in the city of Thiruvananthapuram by delivering essential services to their residents.

The implementation of these RFID tags would allow for the corporation to be up to date in their record keeping of the waste collection services which the offer. Perhaps more importantly for the households, the tags allow the corporation to handle complaints in a more prompt manner. The tags which will be called Maxenna will be connected to a central server located at the corporation's headquarters. The service is set to be an all Indian affair as they have awarded the contract to a Bangalore based IT company who will oversee the implementation and operations of the system.

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