Increase in #Retailers Using #RFID to #Track Item Sales

imageFrom A group of advocates for the use of EPC-enabled RFID in the retail supply line from VICS Item-Level RFID Initiative (VILRI) has released a study predicting 2012 as a year of ‘tipping point' for RFID technology. As the conference manager for this year's RFID World Asia, I have spoken with several retailers and they have expressed keen interest in adopting RFID technology in their current operations. However, they are facing cost and scale issues which will be addressed by our panel of excellent speakers.

Newer retailers can leverage on Item-Level RFID to start their businesses. This  technology gives better tracking and item count to generate more sales. Elimination of errors is also another advantage brought about by RFID technology in retail stores and this generates more realistic revenue reports for managers to plan for future sales. A small investment can definitely bring rapid growth to the business.

Join Joe Andraski, President and CEO at VICS at RFID World Asia 2012! Talk and network with Joe and other RFID professionals to gain insights on how the cost of RFID drops as the implementation increases and faster replenishment rates and supply chain efficiency can bring in more sales.

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