Is this the future of retail?

Is this the future of retail?

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All of the most successful online retailers ASOS, Amazon and Net-a-porter have sophisticated automatic product offerings based on the consumers aggregated online behaviour. What if one day they would simply do the purchasing for you?


When trawling the net for the latest innovation in retail, I often find myself asking – is this the future of retail? As it stands it seems that most envisage an increasingly digitised and automated experience.


The online space and automated offerings are exciting and will definitely influence retail in the future. However, what it all seems to come down to is a value add for the consumer. A new breed of retailers are pushing boundaries in this space in an exciting new trend that is seeing innovative business models being used to genuinely enhance the consumer experience with value added services like co-creation (see:


One of the most progressive examples of retail innovation I have seen steps back from the automation and offers some good old fashioned service.


"New online retail concept Sneaking Duck wants to shake up the online eyewear sector with a try before you buy concept. 
Founded by the creators of the award-winning Shoes of Prey online shoe store, Sneaking Duck allows Sydneysiders to try out eyewear for free in the comfort of their home before home, before buying online…" read more here


The future of retail will be discussed by the world's leading retail executives at The Retail Show conference (20-21 March, Sydney)

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