The Future of Travel with Smart #NFC Chips & Tags

Smart TravelAccording to the Herald Sun, travellers of the future will be using intelligent luggage tags and NFC based mobile check-in's in the near future. In addition, the trend of augmented reality applications on smartphones has the potential to change the way travellers experience a new place. This implies that travellers can experience much more than just the sights and sounds around  them.  By pointing one's phone at a historical monument you could instantly get information about when it was created and what is the story behind it.

In addition, travel processes at airports could be simplified. Instead of the usual sticky tags placed on bags during check-in, one would have a smart baggage tag which would be permanently fixed to one's luggage, each time a passenger travels. Another technology being explored to minimize the paperwork and manual processes for immigration purposes, would be long-range finger printing. This is similar to facial recognition technologies. This would however, require considerations by various security and border control regulatory authorities.

The full report was developed by The Futures Company, a leading global foresight and futures consultancy, and commissioned by Amadeus.


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