#DelhiMetro goes cashless with smart cards and automated top-up systems

Smart CardAccording to the Times of India, The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DRMC) (@NewDelhiMetro) is implementing a new automated top-up system for their smart cards. The DRMC will be implementing  automatic fare collection (AFC) gates capable of automatically topping up the smart card tickets via a customer's bank account through the electronic clearance  system.

As and when the balance of a customer's smart card reaches a certain minimum level, the AFC gates will top up the card with a pre-defined amount. This will later be deducted from the customer's bank account by the Metro fare collection system. This will help customers save time in topping up their cards and reduce cash based transactions.

They are also currently developing a technology that will enable commuter to top up their smart cards via internet banking, credit and debit cards. The DRMC is in the midst of finalizing the technologies to be used and it the facilities are expected to be made available to the public in the next seven to eight months.

At present, tokens and smart cards have to be paid for in case at the Metro stations and there are over 6.1 million smart cards currently in circulation in the Delhi Metro Network.


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