#Boeing to roll out new #RFID solution,awaiting FAA’s approval

Boeing to roll out new #RFID solution,awaiting FAA's approval In the business of aircraft maintenance, accurate records are an issue of utmost importance. An article release by RFID Journal recently tells of how Boeing Commercial Aviation Services is proposing to use RFID technology to ensure that aviation maintenance records for their future aircrafts are as accurate as they come. In partnership with Fujitsu, they are planning to install RFID tags on all of their future aircraft after the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) approves of the proposal. They expect FAA approval to come soon. Their confidence comes from a largely successful trial which they have been carrying out with Alaska Airlines since March 2011

The major benefit from this system will be the ability to easily keep maintenance records. Each aircraft part requires a detailed record to be kept. Handwritten records however are easily misread on the account of shoddy handwritings. The time taken to decipher a shoddy record can be out into better use such as executing regular aircraft maintenance. Another big benefit of using a RFID program is its ease of use and implementation.

Currently, Boeing does not have orders for this new RFID solution from any of their major customers even though they have engaged in talks with some of them. However it seems like the future is bright for the launch of this RFID solution as "many have indicated that the technology may be as important for supply chain management (for instance, tracking the location of a specific aircraft part), as well as for maintenance and repair. "

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