#NFC in 2012 – Going beyond contactless payments

NFC TechnologyAccording to Mobile Commerce News, at the end of 2010 predictions were made about NFC technology coming into its own in 2011 but perhaps it would not hit the mainstream within the year. In 2011 it has been estimated that 35-40 million NFC enabled smartphones have been shipped worldwide. Many leading manufacturers with the exception of Apple, have begun shipping NFC enabled devices. As the year comes to a close the predictions for NFC in 2012 have started to come in.

While the future looks promising, NFC technology in mobile phones is still in the nascent stages with a very small percentage of such devices currently in the market. Retailers are considering the implementation of NFC point of sale devices as they need to have sufficient consumers with these devices for it to be a viable investment. However, as mobile wallet initiatives continue, with time NFC based contactless payments has the potential to go mainstream. 

For the time being marketers believe that the true value of this technology is in interacting with consumers before and after the purchase of the product with NFC based loyalty programs, rewards, coupons etc. Thus, non payment NFC applications do have the potential to drive the adoption of this technology amongst end users.


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  1. Sparkstone

    Do you know if there is any reasoning behind Apple not enabling NFC software on their devices? And has anyone got any figures or ideas as to when we can expect to see POS systems in shops everywhere?

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