@CocaCola launched ad campaign using #NFC in #Singapore

Coca Cola launched ad campaign using NFC in Singapore Seen in NFC News, over the New Year period, Coca-Cola has launched a campaign that utilises both phones with NFC capabilities and QR codes in Singapore. In partnership with media agency MEC, DOOH giant Clear Channel and mobile advertising firm Tapit, they launched a campaign that aim to get users to interact with the poster and hopefully purchase crates of Coca-Cola's Fanta brand soft drinks.

The campaign involved putting up NFC-enabled posters that are able to interact with NFC smartphones. Users can tap their smartphones against the posters to download content. Users without NFC enabled phones can also gate in on the act by scanning the QR code on the posters.

By setting up such posters which they are calling "NFC shelters", Coca-Cola hopes to create better awareness for one of their products in their stable of delicious soft drinks. These shelters are available at major pedestrian hubs in Singapore such as Victoria Street and Orchard Road.

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