#Biometric scanning – a reality by 2017? Says so by #IBM

Biometric scanning - a reality by 2017? Says so by IBM Seen on ZD Net, IBM is predicting an end to the hassle of having to remember and type in those various login details for every account that you have. In what has become an annual tradition by IBM, they released a YouTube video detailing predictions in technology in the coming years. One of their predictions is that the use of biometric recognition to go mainstream by 2017. While the technology is already in place for biometric access, it is still not being widely used by the general public.

IBM however, is working on technology to change all that. They are developing technology that uses the user's biological information to replace traditional passwords as safeguards. While the idea of our biometric information on a central system conjures up images of an Orwellian nightmare, life might be made easier for those who tend to misplace our login details. What do you think of a future whereby sound and retinal scans are used by both private and public sectors?

Watch the YouTube video here along with IBM's other technological predictions for the future.

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